Antique Art Deco/Peking Chinese Carpet, classic

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Antique Art Deco/Peking Chinese Carpet, classic Design, c-1910, made of natural dyed fine wool.
Country of Origin: China, Circa Date: Early 20th Century — This bold Chinese rug begins with a border comprised of blue against a vivid rusty break brown red background. Floral accents provide a gentle contrast along the length of the frame. The stunning medallion offsets the austere background. This antique Chinese Art deco design rug features exquisite symbols of luck and wealth. This bold juxtaposition of the modern and traditional in this antique Chinese art deco rug compose a striking and exotic artistic statement.
This rug is in excellent condition. Full and even pile throughout. The two sides are original and secured. two ends are also secured. There is no dryness in the foundation. This rug is cleaned professionally and floor ready.