Antique Art Deco Chinese Peking Carpet, Early 20th Century 12'1" x 14'4"

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12'1" x 14'4" Antique handmade art Deco/ Peking Chinese carpet, c-1900's, blue background color.
Beautiful big Room Size Chinese carpet, features a plush soft pile with the classic traditional Chinese blue and white colors. The light colored central medallion design, which consists of chrysanthemum, lotus flowers and elaborate butterflies seems to be sincerely floating against Chinese blue background. A band of complimentary, naturalist design patterns frame the medallion and radiates outward toward the open ground of this magnificent antique Chinese rug. The corners designs of the main field echo the more wild nature of the round center design. The mirrored design in the four corners feature stylized chrysanthemums surrounded by swirling and elegant floral vine scrolls. The border consists of three distinct sections. Beginning from the inside out, a thin band of cream diamonds are set against the blue colored background. This border is followed by a traditional Greek key or running dog border design in alternating shades of lighter and darker blue. Lastly, the main outer border displays a bright cream background that is filled with arrangements of floral chrysanthemum motifs – the same ones that we see in the four corners of the room size rug’s main field. Fine quallity.
This carpet is in excellent condition, the sides and ends are secured and even high and full soft pile throughout the rug.