Oriental rug design is fascinating works of art and  variety of design elements used to weave a rug and they can help to give us the clues as to where and why a particular Oriental Rug was woven. 

The design elements of rugs are either allover with repeated motives or central medallion, or both and also open field pattern ( these rugs have a large area of a solid color in the field which will be surrounded by a series of borders) or panel design, the pattern could be either symmetrical or asymmetrical. can be easily be broken down into many major types:


Floral or curvilinear pattern (usually they are more intricate), Geometric or angular pattern, pictorial designed as: birds, religious scenes fish, animal, dragon, human and landscape, also in the shape of prayer rug ( prayer niche called a Mihrab or arch at the top of the field, also  or hunting or modern rug.

These designs pass on in tribes or villages from generations to generations traditionally.