Rugs that made in Persia are one of the finest quality, with beautiful colors like a treasure. The finest Persian rugs are from Isfahan, Tabriz Kazvin, Feraghan/Sarouk, Mishian Malayer, Bijar, Qum, Kashan, Kerman/Laver and Mashhad, Senneh, mostly woven in traditional floral design in the city's workshops, the rugs made of wool, silk cotton.

Other rugs woven by Persian tribal groups and the name of these group are: Qashqai/Shiraz and Afshar rugs, Gabbeh, Bakhtiari, Heriz/Karaja, Serapi, Bakshaish, Senneh Kurd, Persian Turkman and Belouch, Hamadan/Lilihan, Khorasan. Mostly woven in geometric design using wool over  wool foundation or cotton foundation.