Antique Art Deco Chinese Peking Rug, Bird of Happiness, 5'1" x 6'1"

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Antique Art Deco Chinese Peking rug, Bird Of Happiness.5'1" x 6'1"
Art Deco Chinese carpet, blue peking.
Beautiful scatter Size Antique blue Chinese Rug, Circa Date: 1910
this exquisite masterpiece uses relatively minimal colors and lines to allow the negative space to speak the loudest. This allows the shapes present to stand out in an even more pronounced way, drawing attention to the gracefully flowing vines and stems that run along the interior of the two borders.
This wonderful antique Peking Chinese/Art Deco carpet was made 20th century. The rugs made of wool with bold vibrant colors and the pattern open field with flowers. The production of Art Deco rugs started from 1910s-1950s and mostly with western influence.