Art Deco Chinese Rug, Beautiful Scene, 3' x 4'9"

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Art Deco Chinese Rug, Sea scene. 3' x 4'9".

This wonderful handmade Art Deco carpet was made in China, circa 1950s or 1960's. It's beautiful pictural design of the sea like a painting that woven in a rug with multi color background. good quality rug with excellent condition, secured sides and ends and full high pile of natural dyed soft wool throughout of the rug, it has been professionally cleaned. 

Walter Nichols was great American rug producer (the Art Deco rugs which he did not originate them) in Tientsin. The rugs made of wool and silk with bold vibrant colors and the pattern are pictorial scenes and trees, birds, clouds, mountains, dragons, butterfly and flowers. The production of Art Deco rugs started from 1910s-1950s and mostly with western influence.